Massingir 25 June 2014: A resettlement workshop was held on 17th and 18th June 2014 in Xai Xai which included attendance by representatives of Provincial and District government, INGC, MITUR, Park, KfW and community leaders.

Community cheque hand over - May 2014 (3)

The workshop was opened by his Excellency the Governor of Gaza and the Permanent Secretary of MITUR. The Governor stressed the importance of the resettlement programme for the region and its high priority at his political agenda whilst the Permanent Secretary stressed the importance of resettlement to both the development of communities as well as to address Human Wildlife conflict and poaching challenges and enable further tourism investment in the Park.

With the support of external moderators the workshop was structured to review the progress to date and to develop an action plan, agreed by both implementation stakeholders and communities, for the completion of the resettlement of communities. The Workshop focused on 4 main areas namely house construction, community relations, resettlement process management and overall programme planning, reporting and budgeting.

The resettlement of approximately 1,600 families living in 8 villages within Limpopo National Park is being undertaken to World Bank OP 4.12 standards which focus on sustainability. The programme also focuses on community development including through a structured compensation package that includes mortar type house, village water supply and school and irrigation schemes, as well as improved future employment opportunities through the on going house construction, Park developments or the Massingir sugar cane development.

Community cheque hand over - May 2014 (3)

To date the programme has relocated Nanguene and Macavene villages and is currently completing the house construction and starting the relocation of 290 families from Massingir Velho village with preparation completed to enable the commencement of the construction of houses for Bingo and Makandazulo villages.

The workshop succeeded in identifying a number of improvements areas to improve both the quality and productivity of the existing community association house construction system.

Additionally a proposal was accepted for higher level approval, for the construction of Mavodze, Machamba and Chimangue villages by an external contractor, in parallel to the existing community association construction process. It is believed that this would enable completion of the resettlement house construction by 2017 and the securing of financing to complete the resettlement process.

Following the success of this workshop, so as to ensure continuous review, improvement and planning, and to supplement the various on going operational meetings, it is expected that further workshops will be held on an annual basis.

Community cheque hand over - May 2014 (3)

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